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Mold – it’s the last thing you’d want to see invading your property, yet it’s one of the most common guests that’ll show up when you least expect it. A small water leak or condensation from the HVAC is all it takes to spark its growth and lead to uninhibited propagation. So, what’s the harm you ask? No matter how seemingly harmless it seems, it’s actually not! The fungi growth has adverse consequences, such as structural damage to property and severe health hazards including skin irritation, rashes, allergies and respiratory problems. At the first signs of mold, it’s vital to call the leading mold remediation expert in Deerfield Beach, FL area – call Deerfield Beach Restoration Company and bid adieu to mold problems once and for all!

Why bleaching is not the solution?

Cleaning it with bleach is NOT how you get rid of it! Most of the common chemicals you can purchase from hardware shops have been proven ineffective against eliminating mold. While it may seem to cure the problem at present, it’s not exactly feasible in the long run. Why? Because when you apply bleach to kill the mold on a porous surface such as wood, drywall, or carpet, contrary to what you believe, it can actually facilitate mold growth. While the chemicals kill a fraction of the fungus on the surface, the water in it sinks deep into the material, thus promoting growth. So, what’s the best way you can get rid of mold? You don’t! Call a mold specialist on 754-210-9244 to do it for you!

You need a professional when:

  • The mold’s growth area stretches greater than 3 square meters
  • You’re unsure where the mold is hidden
  • Mold makes a comeback despite regular cleaning
  • Parts of your property are damp
  • Member(s) of your family occasionally fall sick or have allergies
  • There’s an unaddressed leak that you suspect might cause mold

How we work?

Understanding the science behind it:

Technically, ‘mold removal’ isn’t exactly possible, considering that mold is present just about everywhere. It’s when they exceed normal limits that the problems arise. Understanding this, we work to eliminate excessive mold growth and keep the levels in check. How do we do that? For mold to grow, it needs water, organic food source (i.e. wood, paper, fabric etc) and a lack of ventilation. When all three conditions are met, mold can proliferate to dangerous levels. The key to mold remediation lies in cutting this off, one by one, until your home becomes an inhospitable environment for mold and a hospitable environment for you.

Recognize and eliminate:

It’s critical to understand exactly where mold is present. While this step is ruled out in case there’s visible growth, in the not-so-obvious cases, where mold is hidden underneath your floor or layers of wall, inspection becomes critical. Deerfield Beach Restoration Company uses state-of-the-art tech to identify any traces of moisture hidden deep within, that could probably be housing mold and work to clean it up using specialized chemical agents, while ensuring that the conditions which led to its growth are reversed. This can involve fixing a water leak, or replacing a coat of paint with anti-mold elements or even providing better ventilation in the affected areas.

Mold problem? We can get rid of it – forever! If you live in Deerfield Beach, FL area, 754-210-9244 is the only number you’ll ever need!