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Consider this: you come home after a week-long vacation only to find that you’ve left the faucet on and you’re entire kitchen converted into a pool of mess. The mini-flood in the kitchen has caused the water to leak through the floor and into the basement. Sounds disastrous, doesn’t it? So, what should you do? The key to mitigating its effects, lies in timely remediation, effective drying and damage restoration – and that’s something we, at Deerfield Beach Restoration Company, can help you with.


Water, although important to life, has a side to it that is unimaginably destructive. It can rip trees apart, push boulders, destroy buildings and bridges and can wreak widespread havoc. But when water damage hits your home, it hits the core strength of your property, causing structural damage including severe damage such as weakening the foundation. Damp wood can also attract termites, carpenter ants, and encourage microbial and mold growth. Your wallpaper, furnishing, fabrics etc, may find itself in a state of ruin. Time can aggravate the effects, which only means your bills on remediation and repair will bear a few more digits than you’d like.


While some cases such as a burst pipe or property flooding can be obvious, enabling you to instinctively hire our water damage restoration services by dialing 754-210-9244. Most of the times, property owners are not even aware of its existence, until it amplifies in severity and warrants extensive repairs. What you can do is check for signs, and call our water damage restoration experts in Deerfield Beach, FL to fix the issue early on.

Here are a few signs you need to watch out for:


Check the ceiling for spots or stains that could be a shade of yellow, brown or copper. Walls may also have bubbling, peeling or cracking paint or wallpaper.


Your floors may not show discoloration the way walls and ceilings do, however, there are a few textural variations it can exhibit. There might be gaps in floorboards, or you may notice soft spongy spots on hardwood floors due to rotten wood. Too much water can also cause the material to swell.


If water damage has gone unheeded for a while, you might experience strange and unusual odors sweeping the premises. This is generally caused by mold and mildew which leave out a detectable odor when left to grow unchecked to high levels.


If your home has suffered from water damage or perhaps you suspect there’s an underlying problem, you need to call Deerfield Beach Restoration Company before things get out of hand. If you can, locate the source of the problem and take the necessary steps to remove excess water. You can soak up standing water with towels, shut off your home’s water supply or unplug any malfunctioning appliances. We take a maximum of 30 minutes to get there. Once we reach you, leave everything to us. From assessing the extent of the water damage to fixing the source to effective drying, we will work from start to end, until normalcy returns.

Be it leaky pipe or a flood; don’t battle water damage in Deerfield Beach, FL area on your own! We’ll fight it and help you recover from it – all you need to do is call 754-210-9244!