Deerfield Beach Restoration Company - Water Leaks Detection


Nothing can be more frustrating than listening to the sound of running water, but not knowing where it’s coming from! Somewhere, hidden beneath layers of flooring or within the water cavities, a small water leak may be disrupting your peace and adding on to your water bills. 

Left unchecked, what you dismissed as a small leak may soon lead to bigger problems than you’d imagined.  Prolonged exposure to water can cause wood to swell, wallpaper to peel and blister, damage furniture beyond repair, and may lead to hazardous mold growth that can lead to a string of health issues. The result? You may have to fix more than the leak and end up incurring hefty expenses for repairs and restoration. That’s why, it’s vital to detect leaks early – and we, at Deerfield Beach Restoration Company, can help you with that. Hidden or visible, we can uncover water leaks swiftly and apply a fix right away.


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Do you suspect a water leak? If so, your first port of call might be a local plumber in Deerfield Beach, FL area. But we advise against it, unless you want your walls or flooring ripped apart and have a huge budget set aside for repairs. Most plumbers are great at fixing leaks, but finding them is a territory that most haven’t ventured into yet. They neither have the necessary skill nor the technology to get to the root of it.

At most, you’ll find them hammering down your drywall or breaking through your tiles to figure out where the leak is. The worst part is, even if they do detect the leak and fix it, the damage caused remains unaddressed. You’ll then have to find a restoration expert to set things right!


At the first signs of a water leak, you need to dial 754-210-9244 and we’ll send a team of leak detection experts with the know-how on water leaks detection.

  • We use high-tech equipment

    Why stick with the conventional, when technology has brought in a whirlpool of changes? We’ve ditched the old, inefficient and unreliable work processes long ago and embraced the new. From stocking up on cutting-edge thermal imaging cameras to ground penetrating radar to fiber optic cameras, we own the best equipment available in the industry.

  • We’re non-destructive:

    When you hire Deerfield Beach Restoration Company, you won’t find us adopting outdated ways to find that evasive leak! Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to determine the accurate location of the leak. This means your property will not be subjected to collateral damage as part of trial and error, because we’re able to pinpoint exactly where the leak is, without inflicting the slightest of damage.

  • We’ll fix what comes after:​

    Your plumber in Deerfield Beach, FL area will fix the leak, but that’s the end of the story! But we look beyond that! Hidden mold growth or extensive water damage to furniture is something we’re adept at resolving. We’ll effectively dry out your property, salvage damaged items, remove mold, disinfect and clean up after we’re done with leak detection.

Don’t let a pesky leak disrupt your peace of mind and slowly, but surely, cause irreparable damage! Detect it early, and you’ll save yourself from heavy repair costs down the line. Give us a call now on 754-210-9244!